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Ramp Up - Who Gives a Crap?

Tasmania, Australia

Ramp Up is a small distribution business, set up by the legendary Luke Rand.  Luke, while he was attending High School at Bayview Secondary College, had some challenges in getting some work experience due to the nature of his physical ‘different’ abilities.

He started a little business in his Math class, selling the cool Who Gives A Crap? products.  Although we are pretty sure Luke’s main reason to sell these products was so he could say ‘Crap’ without getting in trouble.

This idea went gangbusters and saw Luke achieve lots of sales. When he left Bayview he set up his business with The Salvation Army in Tasmania (TSA). With the help of the TSA, he has a warehouse and now has a part-time job seeing him working about 6 hours a week after school.

Any money Luke makes over and above his wages is used to assist those in need in Tasmania.  So when you buy from Luke and his team you are

  1. Supporting a cool local business and a cool teenage boy with a big heart! You will love him!
  2. You help save the planet by using sustainable products and they are good quality products.
  3. You help Tasmanians in need! A lot of Tasmanians in need!

Luke does the deliveries where he can in the Hobart Area.  We are currently looking at spreading our wings around the state.  We have champions in certain areas who rally up the locals to put in a bulk order and when they do we go road-tripping!

Please consider shopping from us.  We can supply your home, your workplace, arrange school fundraisers, and many many other things!

Ramp Up and Who Gives a Crap?  We do and we are sure YOU do too!


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