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I have captured, created or collaborated with local
photographers like Angela Siejka to bring you a collection of images from this
wild place, each has a story, each for a reason.



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Yellow Brick Road is our iconic wall spot the very first we
released and still to this day the best-selling wall spot we make. Captured in
Northern Tasmanian in the city of Launceston (my home town) at St Georgie's
Square in the cold bare winter where the trees look like spindly monsters with
grey sky's and emptiness except for the yellow brick road to wherever you want
to go.

Binalong Bay, Bay of Fires Tasmania was captured on a usual
huge southerly swell in the dead of winter.

Love your PVC free, Eco-friendly, fabric wall decal. You can
peel them, stick them, change your mind & you can easily reposition them!
Available in two sizes so you can mix & match colours & sizes for an
eclectic look, your biggest challenge will be choosing from our extensive
designs & creating your very own untold story be brave mix and match
colour, size and design to create a nest of intriguing conversation starters.

Application Instructions

1. Surface Use a warm, damp cloth to clean the surface you're
planning to cover, and then allow to dry completely before applying your wall

2. Peeling If the contour cut edge of your decal is difficult
to grasp, use a utility knife or other very thin blade to gently separate the
edge of the spot from the backing until you can take hold of it and peel with
your fingers. Keep the backing if you plan to move your decal in the future.

3. Sticking start at the top of the decal and pull down two or
three inches of the backing. Lightly press and smooth the exposed adhesive
surface to your wall from the top-down, smoothing as you work along. Work your
way down in small sections at a time. If you have a helper, have them hold the
bottom of the decal and pull gently to provide tension that will help keep the
decal straight.

4. Smoothing if you have bubbles or wrinkles, press gently with
a Credit Card to smooth them out, or peel back affected area and reapply.

5. Repositioning your Spotted Quoll Wall Spot can be removed
and re-positioned, but keep in mind that it will lose its sticking ability if
you reposition too frequently.

6. Stand Back and admire your new wall spot, for best results
cluster several in different sizes for an eclectic look!


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