TASSIE GREEN WASH (All-Purpose) – Grape-seed Organic Castile Soap: 200ml 

(if you can call it soap)…

The extra strength, organic & naturally calming cleanser supports babies & hypersensitivity, while also boasting 100+ uses around the home (just google ‘uses for castile soap’).

It’s vegetable-based  skin relieving & transforming properties make it an amazingly versatile cleaning agent thats been well studied & proven safe enough for babies & most itchy/dry skin conditions. Our super boost of nutrition harmonises using a special grape-seed blend that not only promotes the healing of hypersensitivity, but replenishes and rejuvenates skin too. Its been found to work wonders used as a facial cleanser and is a key ingredient of our face and body coffee scrubs!

And while being made in Tasmania, of course we use the local mountain spring water (some of the cleanest in the world) along with the ol’ traditional Mediterranean soap making methods… which helps ensure it’s second to none (that we’ve found yet anyway)! Using Tasmanian mountain spring water + grape-seed + coconut + olive + rape-seed + avocado & jojoba


Castile Soap is known for its safe multipurpose use, from cleaning babies and animals to household items/surfaces, even as a toothpaste and veggie wash. Our Pure Castile soap is handmade in Tasmania using traditional Mediterranean methods to ensure the finished product is an all-natural and pure oil-based, extra strength (x2) liquid soap.


Natural – We work hard to source the most raw, natural, organic, unrefined, fresh & quality ingredients. We blend these with care.

Ethical – We partner with suppliers that do not support cruelty to earthlings what-so-ever. We carefully select our packaging sustainably.

Vegan – No animals are used in any way.

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DIRECTIONS: Always test on adults first and then on a small patch of babies skin (bottom of foot is usually best). Apply a small amount to hands and lather up to the desired consistency (depending on use), best used at various dilutions depending on purpose. See out website for product information and tips for use or research ‘Castile Soap Uses’ online to see for yourself. Our Tassie Green Wash is naturally concentrated ‘bang for your buck’ so use sparingly and dilute with boiled or distilled water for better stability (diluting will limit shelf life).

STORE IN A COOL DRY DARK PLACE BELOW 25C for a longer shelf life. 

TIP: This simple, virgin, organic and cold pressed blend is great for the entire family and naturally supports the healing of many skin conditions. For an intensive skin promoting treatment, massage in a generous amount of Shea Tassie - Raw Organic All-Purpose Balm to cleaned & moist skin. 


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