Reservoirs & Potable Water Inspections & Cleaning

Fulcrum is Australia’s leading reservoir inspection and cleaning service. reservoir_cleaning_unmanned

Fulcrum uses a combination of ROVs, UAVs, and Pipe
Crawlers to provide our customers with a comprehensive and efficient method to
maintain optimal water quality.

Our submersible vehicles are equipped with high-quality HD
cameras allowing you to get eyes underwater for your asset assessments.

All our vehicles are decontaminated and cleaned using a
chlorine solution before and after every use ensuring water quality and
cleanliness is maintained throughout operations.

We have separate vehicles for potable water which are never
used in areas of likely contamination.

Our UAVs allow aerial inspections of the structure's roof
and surround together with thermal imaging to assess the asset's structural

All our inspections come with comprehensive verbal, written
and video documentation and reports to complement your asset management

Fulcrum takes human safety, your costs, and water
security seriously.


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