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Numerology is an ancient science that is extraordinarily accurate.  It can reveal:  how you operate on a day-to-day basis, how others see you with their first impressions, why you sometimes clash (with a family member), your motivations, desires, destiny and more.  I have 22 years experience and some great testimonials, and yes, I’m a born and bred Tasmanian living here.

I offer Numerology Readings and Classes by phone.  The sessions are recorded, and you can download it from a secure link I will send you along with the numerology charts I work from.

A full one-hour Numerology Reading will show you how our childhood affects our life today,where our life may be headed, the way our relationships can work best, how to stop playing the “Blame Game”, and why there may be conflicts in our life and how to best deal with them.

Please Contact Me by e-mail to arrange a time, then Book and Pay on this website.

Classes are usually 3 to 5 people and are interactive.  The Introductory Course is 5 weekly classes, and the Advanced Class is 4 weekly classes.  All Classes have class notes and are recorded.

Please visit for all details.


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