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Sometimes we have layers to our private lives, and not everyone in our family or friendship circles know all about each layer. Sometimes our private life and lifestyle is quite confidential, and we would prefer to keep it that way. And sometimes the clearing out is simply overwhelming and it the most stress-free option is to have someone do the work for you.

I am available for removal of some or all of your personal possessions, and can deliver items to specific persons or organisations as per your instructions. Discretion is assured.

While full house decluttering and cleaning is quite popular in end of life terms, specialist and small-scale discreet personal clearing is not as well known. I have specialised in this service for some time, and am happy to assist you with specific, intimate lifestyle clearing, based on clear and boundaried instructions given by you as a client.

Intimate elements of our lifestyle that need clearing to maintain discretion may include items such as private collections, toys and attendant stashes, accoutrement, ephemera, recorded materials, furniture and diaries.

For some of us keeping secrets at end of life or after death is not a priority. But for those clients who value confidentiality this is a useful and caring service.

Note: As Annetta lives in northern Tasmania travel and per diem (where applicable) fees apply outside of a 100km radius from her place of business in Meander. The rate quoted is based on a small-scale cleaning request within the local area. Additional fees may be incurred for vehicle hire and/or disposal of items as required.


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