FAQs for customers

Why Buy Local?
  • Supports your local Economy
  • Better for the environment
  • Healthier- food is fresher
  • Creates self-sustainable communities
  • Allows small family-businesses to thrive
  • Keeps neighbors employed
How do I pay for my order?

You can pay using your credit card or by Paypal. No matter how many shops you choose to buy from you’ll have one cart and one checkout process. Your details will be provided to those stores so they can get your order to you.

What if I have a problem with my order?

If it’s an issue with a store, stallholder or item, you must contact the seller directly via their virtual stall.  This can be done through the customer’s account (“https://www.buyfromtasmania.com.au/my-account”), clicking on Orders, and the Support button on the relevant order. Each store has it’s own policies.

If you do not hear back within three days, you may escalate the issue to Buy From Tasmania. Send us an email hello@buyfromtasmania.com.au and allow 24 hours for a reply as we are a team of one. If the matter is urgent, please note that in the subject line.

FAQs for shop owners

Are you a Tasmanian business with amazing products to sell? We would love you to join us here. Our community truly love and appreciate the value of what you do and how you do it! So let’s do this together.

But why? Let’s give you a few good reasons to sign up now!

Why should I sell with Buy from Tasmania?
  • Established brand – we have experience both in running Tasmanian businesses and also in running an established Facebook group for promoting everything local and you!. You can learn more about us here (insert home/about landing page). We know how to make sure your brand is seen.
  • Personal service – We are here to help! If we can’t find the answer we will know someone who can. We want you to feel at home and have fun whilst also making money.
  • Tasmanian– We are based right here in Tasmania, just like you so we are dedicated to your success.
  • Quality–We do have a screening process for accepting new products, so be assured that you listed beside the best of Tasmania.
Can I still sell at markets if I'm a BFT vendor?

We are not replacing markets, merely offering another venue. If you already sell at markets- keep going! When the physical markets reopen, we want to see our vendors hit the ground running. Through cross-promotion we wish to ensure your customers not only recognise you but that they are ready and waiting.

What are the vendor fees for Buy From Tasmania?

We truly love Tasmanian makers, growers and doers so we have worked hard to keep our fees are minimal! In fact they’re so minimal they are free for the first 6 months from the launch date of the site. 

And for the 12 months after that it will be just $99 (we will give you plenty of notice before this ticks around). The ongoing fees will go towards the maintenance of our website, assuring our server keeps on ticking, promoting our fabulous shop and ensuring that our website always looks its best! Pay just $99 for a 12 month shopfront!

That’s under $9 a month for you to have your OWN SHOPFRONT and be part of an amazing Tasmanian community. Remember, we are more visible and stronger together. 

Will you still take me on as a seller if you have other vendors selling the same products?

Yes, as long as you meet all of our criteria. We want to see our sellers build one another up, not in competition but in the spirit of growth and collaboration.

Am I signed into a contract with BFT?
We don’t require contracts and you are free to leave at any time. The annual vendor fee (of $99), once paid, cannot be refunded. Thanks for understanding.
How do I manage my products?
Our easy to access and use vendor dashboard will make it easy for you! You will be able to easily add new products, edit existing products and manage your inventory. Tracking details can all be entered via this dashboard.
How much commission do you take?

There are no commission fees charged, only a the POS fees charged by PayPal and Stripe for each transaction and payout. 

How many products can I have?

Your Buy from Tasmania shop can be set up to provide you with a complete storefront for your business or list as little as one product with us, the choice is yours! Have up to 15 products live in your storefront at any one time! Capping it at 15 ensures you are featuring the best of you and no one shop dominates the site.

But I'm a service business - I don't have any products.

You can register as many services as you like – products without a price – and instead of a “buy now” button you’ll get a link of your choosing. It can go to a contact page, facebook page, wherever you like. 

How will I get paid?

Payouts for the sale of your products will occur once a week on a Friday to your nominated PayPal or Stripe account, this means you get your money as soon as we pay you…yay! The amount you get paid will be minus the payout fee and gateway charges.

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